"He Who Fails to Plan Is Planning To Fail"

UBS Anlyst Advice In Case Of Eurozone Breakup: Buy Precious Metals, Tinned Goods And Small Calibre Weapons

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Probably one the most pessimistic opinion about the scenario of the disintegration of the Euro Zone came in 2011 from the UBS analyst, Larry Hatheaway, who sees the end of Euro Zone equal to “the end of the world”.

UBS’ analyst had presented some apocalyptic scenarios in arguing that the Euro Zone needs to be as it is in the present. Hatheaway compared the situation to “the horrors of the first half of the 20th century, suggesting that the crisis can be compared with the economic impact of both world wars.

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Emergency Water Supplies

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When someone asks us what things we would secure first if a calamity strikes, food, batteries, fuel, tampons, and sometimes even twinkies come to our mind. We do not realize that something is far more important to obtain if we want to live through a calamity.

We may survive for weeks without food, but then again, just 3 days without water and this would be a serious threat to our survival. Yes, water is that important!

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Fukushima Accident: Natural and man-made disaster combined

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On the 11th of March in 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook the northern Japanese soil which was eventually followed by a tsunami towering at 43-49 feet. The occurrence of a strong earthquake followed by monumental tsunamis is not unusual to happen in Japan. Japanese people have been dealing and finding better ways in predicting and controlling earthquakes’ and tsunamis’ destructive powers for centuries. What the Japanese did not foresee is what could happen when these natural disasters are combined with a man-made one.

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BBC: A new nuclear bomb at Chernobyl if a vegetation fire starts

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BBC reports that half of the 30 kilometers around Chernobyl are composed of coniferous forests, vegetation and a possible fire would create a “devastating radioactive cloud”.

Ukrainian experts say that if a vegetation fire would start over Chernobyl, this would likely set off a “nuclear bomb”, a radioactive cloud that would spread throughout Europe.

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